Design Tips - Embossing

1. In impressing an embossed image through a surface, the image has to be 3 times thicker than the material it's being pushed through. Where this is not possible, we can use a process called debossing - where the impression is instead sunk into the material.

2. Multi level embossing is often not as expensive as you would think. We have a few tricks to make a single level die appear more complex than it is. Call us on 020 7237 5111 or email a PDF to us so we can advise the best route.

3. You can combine foil blocking and embossing in two ways. Firstly by using two separate dies in two passes through the machine. This is ideal for short-run on one-off jobs. For longer running or repeat work, we can create a fluted combination die to foil and emboss in a single pass. The tooling for this is more expensive than standard dies, but it is offset by a saving in press time.

4. You can choose from bevelled, faceted or rounded dies, all of which can be either single or multi-level, depending on the depth and complexity you wish to achieve.

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