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Litho Printing

Looking for precision and definition in your printing?

Litho under the lens

Of all the methods of applying ink to paper, litho printing achieves the sharpest definition.

Popular with printers and artists alike, it has very few limits. It is able to recreate shading and tones ranging from deep black to the softest grey, as well as all colours in between. It can even mimic the artistic effects of drawing and painting.

Hundreds of top quality prints can be taken from a single plate, making litho a hugely successful commercial application for the printing of magazines, brochures, cards, photography and many other promotional and graphic materials. In fact, because photography, full colour graphics and text are all improved with an offset print, the commercial scope of litho printing is practically unlimited.

Litho leaders

With years of experience in this particular field, we pride ourselves on the clarity, consistency and depth of our colour printing. Whether it is line or tone, special colours, metallics or varnishes, let us know what you want to achieve and we will leave no stone unturned to recommend the best way of doing it, right down to the optimum paper for the job.

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